Uncommon Thread's Volunteers Empower Women

Members from Peach’s Home Office Team, Taylor McPherson (left) and Korinne Ghafari (right), spend the day volunteering with Uncommon Threads. [photography: Chantal Kellerd]

Uncommon Threads, a Lawrence, MA organization to help women in need, makes an enormous, positive impact on their clients, employees and volunteers. As their charitable partner, Peach is able to be a part of their efforts to empower women, put our mission into action and feel the warm glow from a happy client transformation.

With help from their team of volunteer stylists, this incredible organization offers private styling appointments to women in need – including domestic violence survivors, disabled women, female veterans, homeless women, women in recovery and the elderly.

These styling sessions allow time to connect with each client and really identify what works best for the individual’s lifestyle, body shape and preferences. The goal: to create looks that instill a sense of confidence and leave them feeling empowered in their day-to-day.

This past week, Peach volunteers visited Uncommon Threads to surprise them with boxes of our best-selling Ponte pants. We got to spend time working hands-on with the Uncommon Threads to see first-hand how styling appointments transform a client’s outlook and what this organization means to those involved.


Uncommon Threads Empowering Women

Uncommon Threads client, Christine, poses in her new Peach Ponte pants and Carioca Hoodie. [photography: Chantal Kellerd]

Over 1,000 women walk through Uncommon Threads’ doors each year – and this number is rapidly growing! During our visit, we had the chance to meet Christine who has endured her fair share of obstacles in life. She was in need of some extra support while she worked on getting back in the workforce and better positioned to provide for herself.

She arrived in the same way most first-time clients do, feeling reserved, nervous and unsure of what to expect. After being welcomed into Uncommon Threads’ gorgeous boutique, the volunteer stylist quickly identified Christine’s needs and started putting together looks. She paired pieces that could be worn for her every day, but also be dressed up for the job interviews ahead.

The stylist assured us that all it takes is the right outfit and a client’s eyes will instantly light up. For Christine, this included a pair of our freshly delivered Ponte pants! Her timid looks at the floor length mirror became beaming smiles. Her sense of humor came out and there was a spark of newfound confidence. She turned to us and said, “It feels like they were made for me! I love that I’ll be able to dress them up and down – don’t let me leave without my Peach pants!”

It’s moments like this, where the Peach mission really comes to life. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing how empowered women feel in our clothing.

For the women referred to Uncommon Threads by doctors, therapists or case managers, these appointments are truly transformative. In addition to gaining access to versatile clothing that can function in various ways to fit the needs to their lifestyle and goals, they also walk away with the confidence to take on whatever lies ahead. We were honored to be a part of Christine’s time with Uncommon Threads.


This organization also has a profound impact on the women who drive it, finding fulfillment in their ability to help their clients thrive. Uncommon Threads’ founder, Susan Kanoff has a firm belief that women really want to help other women succeed.

She reminded us that, “We’ve all had hardship that have held us back or negatively impacted our self-esteem, and this program is really powerful because we have women looking in the mirror and seeing themselves differently and in a more positive way, feeling strong and regaining their sense of power.” Her team of volunteer stylists couldn’t be more aligned. For them, being an active part of these transformations is everything.

The organization’s Program Manager, Kathryn Ayala, shared how fulfilling it is to be a part of an organization that promotes women’s empowerment, a cause that she has long been an active supporter of: “There is truly such a positive environment here – it’s friendly, uplifting and you instantly feel at home.”

For others, the opportunity to work with these women is more personal. Uncommon Threads Stylist, Jennifer Becker revealed: “I lost my niece to an overdose, and the past three years have been tough. This community and environment just make me feel better. When I have the opportunity to help other women who are struggling with addiction or other challenges in their life to survive, I feel like I’m helping my niece. It means everything to me.”


At Peach, we believe that what makes our partnership with Uncommon Threads so powerful is that our mission is the same: to empower women by offering clothing that is comfortable, versatile and stylish. From providing women with clothing that helps them regain their sense of confidence, to cultivating a community of empowered women, we couldn’t have aligned ourselves with a better organization. We look forward to continuing to support one another as we bring this mission to life.


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