Peach Stylists Give Back

Peach Stylist, Molly Willams hosts a charitable event to fundraise for the Genesis House of Melbourne, which helps homeless women and their children get back on their feet.


Our stylist opportunity provides women with the chance to build their own fashion business with Peach. As independent business owners, Stylists are encouraged to design a career that fits into their lifestyle, not the other way around. This means enjoying the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime and being able to earn meaningful income within our empowering community of stylists. In addition to all these amazing benefits, they also have the power to give back to the charities and organizations that mean the most to them.

Keep reading to discover some of the incredible ways our Stylists are giving back all across the country.


Peach Stylists Give Back

Peach stylist Dina Shepherd gives back by letting clients choose a charity to donate a percentage of sales to.

Dina Shepherd
New York

When it comes to giving back, nothing is too little; and stylist, Dina Sheppard knows just how great it makes her clients feel to add a charitable twist to their shopping! As a result, she offers each individual hosting a Peach gathering the opportunity to donate a percentage of sales to the organization of their choice. By incorporating these charitable efforts into her business strategy, Dina has been able to get to know the women in her network on an even deeper level. When they choose a charity to support, it’s often tied to their experiences, loved ones and passions.

So far, Dina has had the pleasure of giving back to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Cancer Couch, Friends of Karen, and Hopalong Hollow Rabbit Rescue – just to name a few! These types of gatherings usually translate into donations between $200-$350, and when other women hear about the amazing opportunity to do good, they’ll often reach out to book their own gathering. On the rare occasion that a host doesn’t have a particular charity in mind, Dina sets aside the money raised for a personal, year-end donation she makes to Win, an organization supporting New York’s women in need.


Peach Stylists Give Back

Peach stylist Faith DeJean gives back by partnering with Big Brother, Big Sister for events.

Faith DeJean
New Jersey

Peach stylists bring our mission to life by sharing our brand and collections of stylish, comfortable and versatile clothing that help women look good and feel even better! For stylist, Faith DeJean, being able to partner with charitable organizations is yet another way she can walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to empowering women through Peach.

A recent introduction to the Director of Big Brother, Big Sister allowed Faith to start building a relationship where she can use her Peach business to add value to their fundraising events; providing the experience of a pop-up shop, in addition to donations from the associated sales. Their first event together focused around supporting a female fitness studio owner who was new to the area, introducing her to local women and helping her build her network. The event included free fitness classes and a Peach pop-up, with styling sessions benefiting Big Brother, Big Sister. Not only was Faith able to share Peach with the 20 women who attended, but she was also able to raise around $500 for this incredible organization – and that was only the first event of a now ongoing relationship!


Peach Stylists Give Back

Peach stylist Nan Tabak gives back by partnering with the American Cancer Society.

Nan Tabak

When you do good and take the time to  give back, you have the power to start a chain reaction, which is exactly what Peach stylist Nan Tabak realized after using her Peach business to support a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.

Nan knew that the women attending their annual Champion for a Cure, charitable golf tournament were planning to enjoy lunch together afterward, so she transformed that portion of the event into a fashion show. She was able to provide an entertaining experience for attendees, as well as provide an additional way to generate donations for this amazing cause. Nan worked with the hotel to lower meal costs from $25 per plate to $12 to entice the ladies to join, and then recruited the committee members to walk the floor as models wearing the latest Peach collection. The organization’s chairwoman even took on the role of MC, amping up the excitement by announcing that 25% of sales would be donated. She was able to encourage the audience to take advantage of the opportunity to do some guilt-free shopping while giving back!

The night was an absolute hit, and they ended up having to turn women away due to the space’s capacity- which capped at an astounding 84 women! Not only did Nan generate over $2,700 in donations for this amazing organization, but it started a chain reaction of requests from attendees interested in hosting their own charitable gatherings with their friends who couldn’t attend.



Want to give back to a cause or organization you’re passionate about?

Host a Peach Gathering on July 11, 2019
as part of our National Day of Philanthropy.

You’ll have the chance to do some guilt-free shopping of your own by earning hostess rewards of up to $250 to spend plus 40% off up to 4 pieces!

Click here for more information about hosting a gathering with Peach.

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