Hello friends,

Welcome to the first of many posts I’ll write to you about about peach’s mission to help women (and frankly all people) own their strengths and pursue their passions through our approach to positive psychology.

You might wonder why that matters so much to me. For 20 years, I’ve observed how humans think, learn, and grow. I’ve considered how behavior affects our selves, you know, the inner most part of who we are — as entrepreneurs, professionals, parents, and partners to our significant others. As a devotee of Peter Drucker, a management guru on organizational behavior, I believe that culture eats strategy for breakfast. That is to say, that culture is the most important ingredient in creating a successful company.

As our team set out to build peach, we decided to connect our products and our people — fellow entrepreneurs, stylists, and you — to our commitment to helping women thrive by tapping into the best practices of positive psychology. I’ve found, in my study of culture, that it has profound effects on personal and professional growth. I knew it would be an integral part of peach.

For those unfamiliar with the term, positive psychology is based on the foundation principle that we all possess 24 naturally occurring strengths in a pattern that is uniquely ours.  At peach, one of the ways in which we help people thrive is by helping them lean into their strengths.

To this end, within every collection we release, starting with our newest Foundations of Love collection, every box we ship will include a journal dedicated to one of the 24 positive psychology strengths and how to put into practice. In this season’s journal, we chose to focus on love. Not the pitter-patter of the heart, chocolate kiss kind of love. Rather, the kind of love that is practiced every day. Consciously. Humbly. To learn more, the following post will acquaint you with the different kinds of love and how you can act with intention and put them into practice.

On behalf of our whole team, we’re delighted you’re part of the peach community. Please feel free to reach out in the comments about your experience. I’d love to hear how it’s going.

With love,


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