The Stylist who went from rookie to rockstar.
Peach Stylist Lorin Seidman shares her story about how she built a flexible, meaningful and profitable fashion business, quickly going from rookie to rockstar and earning her $10,000 in two months!

While I was spending the summer in Rhode Island, I met a woman named Trish. Our husbands work together and they introduced us over dinner. It was at this dinner that she mentioned she was a founding Stylist and Senior Partner at Peach, a fashion start-up focused on women’s activewear and athleisure. Having purchased a few bras and tanks from the company when it launched four years ago, I was familiar with the clothes. However, I never really knew much about Peach beyond that.


Trish and I ended up spending nearly every day together that summer; at the beach, at yoga and spin class, grabbing açaí bowls with our daughters and really just living the good life. I loved hearing Trish’s stories about Peach; her passion for the company’s clothing and their mission was infectious. But what truly left me in awe, was how she could be so successful at her job, without working a traditional 9-to-5 or having to sacrifice any time with her family.


The Stylist who went from rookie to rockstar.

Lorin (right) poses with friend, mentor and fellow Peach Stylist, Trish (left).

When the summer came to an end, I asked Trish if she would come to my house to host a fundraising trunk show for my son’s fifth grade class. She was thrilled at the idea and we spent the next few weeks planning the gathering together. As I began spreading the word about this event, I noticed that there was a lot of excitement amongst my fellow 5th grade moms. They loved the comfort, versatility and uniqueness of the Peach clothes and couldn’t wait to shop the collection. It got me thinking, “what if I were to become a stylist?” and I started to realize how much earning potential there was. I figured I could take on this role just for a few months, with the intention of donating my profits to the school. I didn’t see this as a long-term pursuit at the time, but I decided to sign on to help fund the various needs for my son’s class.


My journey with Peach began, and I hit the ground running; wearing and sharing their latest collection, posting pictures of myself in the clothes on my social media accounts and even carrying around a duffle bag filled with samples everywhere I went. My new business began growing quickly, and I was able to make $10,000 in two months; becoming one of the top five stylists that month out of the hundreds of others in the company. This opportunity allowed me to meet the initial goal I had set for myself and I was able to donate a large portion of my earnings to the 5th grade class. However, I also made enough money beyond that to buy furniture for my basement, as well as a new laptop for this blooming business I had built with Peach. I even earned so much Peach product credit as a result of all these sales, that I was able to fill up two full racks with clothing in the new retail space I had created in my basement.

The Stylist who went from rookie to rockstar.

Lorin (center) accepting her award for ‘Rookie Who Rocked It’ in both Sales and Promotions from Peach Co-Founders Janet Kraus and Derek Ohly during our annual Stylist Conference, SuccessFest.


As the girl who all of my friends have always come to for shopping advice, and with a special place in my heart for comfortable athleisure clothes, it made so much sense for me to transition to this role of stylist at Peach. I never feel like I have to “sell” anything – I can just be myself, wear the clothes that I love, and spread the joy of working for a company that celebrates all women. When you have the flexibility to earn such meaningful income while empowering women and having so much fun, the sales happen naturally. For me, this has truly been the job of my dreams, although I feel guilty using the word “work” to describe something so fun and personally rewarding!


So if you’re reading my story and find yourself in the same shoes I was in just a few months ago, wondering, “What if I were to become a Stylist?” – stop wondering. Join us and discover the career of your dreams- the income and growth potential are limitless. You’ll also have a community of incredible women (just like Trish) to support you and cheer you on as you grow your own fashion business with Peach. You won’t regret it.


The Stylist who went from Rookie to Rockstar

Lorin (far right) and some of the empowering women who make up her support system at Peach, including her friend and mentor Trish (far left).


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