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Kaitlyn Cecelia Stock, Founder of Cecelia Designs Jewelry and Peach’s Featured Entrepreneur for Spring 2020.

Earth Day is a reminder of what a powerful impact our actions, as both individuals and businesses, can have on the planet, so we couldn’t imagine a more perfect time to shed a spotlight on our Spring 2020 Featured Entrepreneur: Kaitlyn Cecelia Stock.

As the Founder of Cecelia Designs Jewelry, Kaitlyn specializes in creating chic, handcrafted accessories perfect for all occasions. However, what makes her brand so unique is its dedication to planting one tree for every piece of jewelry sold, through an organization called Trees for the Future in Sub-Saharan Africa. These efforts not only fight against the effects of deforestation, but also help to end hunger and poverty in this region.

We so thrilled to highlight this amazing female founder and her efforts to both protect and restore the environment as part of our Spring 2020 Mood Indigo Collection. Our custom Peach X Cecelia Designs Bracelet Stack not only makes the perfect spring accessory, but also helps plant three trees – and that’s fashion you can feel good about!

We connected with Kaitlyn to hear more about how she successfully combined her love of jewelry and the environment to build a brand with a powerful mission and a positive impact on our planet.

How did you come up with the idea to mix jewelry with an environmentally sustainable mission? 

It all started while studying sustainable design in college – it sparked a passion for the environment that has continue to grow ever since.

When I started Cecelia Designs, I knew I wanted to do more than make jewelry and started to look for a way to incorporate this passion for sustainability into the brand’s mission. At first my idea had been to include a tree seed with each purchase, but I realized that to make the biggest environmental impact possible I needed to find a way to take the heavy lifting off of the consumer. Eventually we partnered up with Trees For The Future – this non-profit organization has helped us ensure our commitment to planting one tree for each piece of jewelry sold, while leaving the planting process to the experts.


sustainable bracelet stack

The Cecelia Designs Bracelet Stack designed – exclusively for Peach’s Spring 2020 Collection – 3 trees are planted for each stack sold.

Similar to Peach’s clothing, your jewelry designs can be worn multiple ways – why was it important for you to incorporate this type of versatility?

I want women to be more conscious about their purchases. They should support the brands they love, especially small ones, and choose to invest in pieces that can be worn multiple ways.

Versatility allows your wardrobe and accessories to work harder for you so you can wear the same piece for all different occasions – plus, you’ll get a much better bang for your buck!


Your brand has committed to planting one tree for each piece sold as part of a partnership with Trees for the Future. How did this relationship start?  

We started working with Trees For The Future in 2019. I really love that this organization goes beyond just planting trees and giving back to mother nature. They really go above and beyond to teach families and individuals how to sustainably revitalize their land so they can grow fruits and vegetables and become financially stable. It’s a beautiful non-profit with an impactful mission that’s helped to reduce the number of starving families in third world countries.


Cecelia Designs is also committed to using sustainable packaging. Why was it important for you to incorporate sustainability beyond your partnership with Trees For The Future?

My grandfather told me to leave this place a little better than how I found it. It helps me sleep at night knowing I am able to support myself and local families in my community, while also doing our part as a company to limit the environmental impact.

Our business’s carbon footprint is something I pay very close attention to. Eliminating our plastic waste to the best of our ability and limiting what we are adding to landfills, is a top priority for Cecelia Designs. However, any plastic that we do use as part of our business practices has been reused.


You recently expanded Cecelia Designs to include an all woman design team – why is this milestone so important?  

I LOVE this question! I am so passionate about creating opportunities for women, especially ones that help them provide for their families – building a team of female designers is one way that I am able to do this. It’s really rewarding to be able to give them this platform for their designs as well as a chance to earn commission on the sales.


We know first-hand how difficult the COVID-19 outbreak has been for small businesses – what do you hope to walk away having learned?

I have tried my best to count my blessings during these times. There is much to be grateful for, especially the positive environmental impact that has transpired – including huge declines in pollution and greenhouse gas emission as a result of reduced travel and factory shutdowns. I realize that this will probably never happen again in our lifetime.

This ‘new norm’ has really slowed time down, so I’ve been trying to take advantage of it. I have a newfound appreciation for my surroundings that I want to make sure I  take this with me as we start to move forward and regain normalcy.


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