Kristen Alexandrov, CEO & Founder of givetwig

Here at peach our story is bigger than bras. It’s about empowering women.

Over the last 18 months, hundreds and hundreds of women have joined us to start their own businesses and create their personal version of what it means to have a “dream job”. As we grow, our customer base grows as well. We have tens of thousands of clients throughout the USA and with each fitting, we get to really know her. We get to understand what inspires her.

We begin to see how she, too, is making a difference in the world.

For this month’s blog post, we wanted to take a moment and recognize one of these women. A peach client and philanthropic entrepreneur, Kristen Alexandrov is the founder of givetwig. We sat down with Kristen to learn more about her organization.


What is givetwig and why did you start it?

With givetwig, people spread their giving over a larger number of organizations, all while retaining a personal connection. In most cases, an organization is featured because it is important to a member in our community, either through their own charitable work or because the issue being addressed is close to their heart. Each week, givetwig brings to life the work of one organization through a weekly profile.

Donations start at $2 a week making givetwig accessible and manageable for almost all income levels. Each week, the donations are pooled and 100% are passed through to the charitable organization. The givetwig membership as a whole is making a huge impact.

I started givetwig because I want people to be actively engaged in the betterment of their communities. I want giving to be fun and easy. I don’t want people thinking about the dollar amount they’re giving, however large or small it might be, but more about the fact that when we all give together, we can collectively do a lot. It’s all about 100% participation. This is what inspired the name for the organization: It stands for this week i’m gonna (twig) give.

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What has surprised you most about givetwig?

I had no idea that I was joining this cool, new club of creative, innovative, hard-working people that would immediately support and welcome me. It made me realize that I was an entrepreneur and helped me think bigger in terms of where givetwig can go. It also made me grateful to the inaugural members of givetwig – those who supported me personally and shared a desire to meaningfully give back. Starting anything new is scary and hard; lesson learned to always be supportive of folks in my life putting themselves out there and trying something new.

What are you biggest takeaways working as an entrepreneur in this community?

I think the biggest takeaway I’ve experienced is the power of female networking. I’ve experienced firsthand the power of what can happen when women join together. One of the first organizations I had on my list was Invest in Girls, a Boston-based organization recommended to me by a friend who previously sat on their Board. As I was enlisting Invest in Girls, the CEO referred me to another local organization doing important work for women, Moms as Mentors. The Co-Founder here then referred me to the i.HUG Foundation, which supports education initiatives in Uganda and is helping to improve the path for girls there. This process was a mini case study on the power of female networking; it resulted in three amazing organizations for givetwig members!


We are so grateful and honored to have been able to sit down with Kristen and givetwig. It’s exciting to have discovered her work all while she was discovering peach during her fitting. We are excited to share her experience with our community. Want to know more about givetwig? Click here!

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