… peach! We’re not afraid to say it’s a clean sweep when you compare peach bras to industry bras. Here are the five things that set us apart:

1. We take 10 measurements instead of just 2

The perfect fitting bra starts with understanding your unique body and breast shape, which is why we developed our 10-point measurement system. While the industry standard is simply to measure your band and bust, we know those 2 measurements are not enough. Many women share the same band and bust measurement, yet their breasts and bodies are shaped differently, so they need a different size and style bra. That’s why we take 10 measurements instead of 2; so we can measure your bodies and breasts as the true 3D objects they are.

2. We use an algorithm to recommend your perfect size

We’ve used machine learning technology to build an algorithm that recommends the best fitting bra for you. Based on your 10 measurements, our algorithm performs complicated data acrobatics to generate your perfect fitting bra, and it gets smarter with each woman we fit.

3. We weave hundreds of thousands of data points from real women into our bra designs

Each and every day, we collect more real-life data, from actual clients, and analyze it to engineer better fitting bras. So our fabrics and construction end up being approved not just by our product team, but by you as well.

4. We fit and grade each size by hand

We create hundreds of patterns and samples, and we fit and grade each size by hand, to make sure our bras truly fit women of all different body shapes, sizes, and proportions.

5. We bring the experience to you through an expert stylist who cares

The stylist is our secret sauce, because when it comes to bras, DIY just doesn’t cut it. She delivers the expertise and care you need to find your perfect bra fit, in the style that best suits you. This means you don’t ever have to walk into store to buy bras again! Your stylist is always just an email or phone-call away.


Ready to try peach? Click here to connect with a peach stylist and discover your perfect fitting bra.

with love, peach

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