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Here at Peach, it’s always been about more than just the clothes. Instead, we focus on what opportunities those clothes can provide, especially for women. As a result, being a part of our brand, whether as an employee, stylist, or client, has grown to mean many different things to many different people, but the one common thread is that Peach is helping women around the nation feel a part of something big.

Scroll down to meet some of the amazing women that are a part of our Peach community, and learn what it means to them to  #bepartofsomethingbig.

Janet Kraus

Peach CEO & Founder

“To me being part of something BIG is about helping women reach their dreams. I get shivers when I see the #bepartofsomethingbig posts from Peach women sharing their reasons for why they are excited about being part of Peach. And their reasons are about dreams — dreams of being part of something that is fully committed to elevating women’s everyday — mind, body and spirit. . . . Dreams of integrating work and family in a way that is both fun and rewarding …  Dreams of being part of a fashion company that is on the rise . . . dreams of contributing to their family’s income or building wealth. As CEO, I like to to dream big . . . … I dream that Peach will be big . . . but not just for the sake of the number, but for the possibility that through all of the women who are a part of Peach that we can create meaningful work, meaningful service, and meaningful impact in the world.


Jillian Tabak @peachandpup

Peach Stylist

“This is my BIG reason why I joined @withlovepeach. [Scooby] joined our family complete with heart worms, hook worms, ear mites, fleas, some skin issues, and a cancerous tumor. […] I joined Peach this past March after we found out Scooby needed another surgery. Not only did joining this company help me pay for this little man’s surgery, it also provided me with a network of amazing women who offered me kind words, support, and love along the way. I’m so honored to be a part of this incredible group of women.”


Molly Williams

Peach Stylist

“I discovered a ground floor apparel company called Peach in the midst of motherhood. The excitement of building something from the ground up seemed like an incredible opportunity. But I wasn’t prepared for what it would actually do for my soul. I’m surrounded by people who see my greatness, my heart, my potential and genuinely want the best for me personally and professionally. I will always put my role of mom first. It’s my absolute favorite thing to do every single day. But, Peach has reminded me that I am also “Molly” and I have an opportunity to share my passion of serving and empowering so many women. I truly do feel part of something BIG. And I’m grateful.


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Daniela Bascuñan

Peach Fashion & Design Director

“Debuting Peach’s first athleisure line at Leader Summit last year was a defining moment for me. Seeing first-hand the reaction (and tears!) from some of our stylists was incredibly humbling and for the first time in my career, I felt this incredible sense of pride. It was so much more than just the clothes- it was about this community of women all championing for each other. For the first time, I really did feel like I was a part of something big- Peach has provided such an amazing platform for all women to flourish and I’m so proud to be a part of a team that is all about positivity and inclusiveness.”


Erin Allen’s three boys, soon to go to Disney World #paidforbypeach.

Erin Allen

Peach Stylist

“My family is the reason I do everything! But when all my boys went to school, I had time to do a little something for me… I had no idea when I joined Peach 2 years ago that the little something for me would become something so BIG in my life! Joining Peach was one of the best decisions I have ever made!!! Growing a brand for this amazing company has allowed me to make life-long friends, care for other women in my community, flex my entrepreneurial muscles, and has allowed me to be creative! Not to mention it has provided an extra revenue stream for my family and grown me in many ways!!! My children see me work hard at something I love, but I never have to put my work before them!!! I love when [they] say ‘Mom, I like your new shirt, is that Peach?’ They don’t know it yet, but this year we are going to Disney World on Peach!!!”



Julie Bywater

Peach Stylist

“I love Peach. I felt beautiful and stylish in these clothes the first time I tried them on. As an XXL, I felt confident. And now, as a medium, I feel just as confident, stylish and beautiful. But it’s more than clothes… I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with our CEO, Janet Kraus, and she knows my name. I’m also standing and laughing with Kathleen Plate, one our featured entrepreneurs with Smart Glass Jewelry. I am sitting with my fellow peaches, learning to THRIVE. Let’s Be Part of Something BIG.

Vicki Pate

Peach Stylist

“When I said YES to peach, I was excited to try something completely new- to take a chance on a COMPLETELY different career path than what I’ve been enjoying my whole life. The idea of building a fashion brand from the ground floor seemed like something BIG; a once in a lifetime opportunity. And now I KNOW it is! The culture at peach: the collaborations, support, coaching, friendships, integrity, teamwork, vision and HEART of this company is REALLY something to sing about!” 


Erica Logar

Peach Stylist

“Did you know…the ACTION for happiness is to…Be Part Of Something BIG!!!

I like to surround myself with the things that bring me meaning and purpose. I love time spent with family and friends, relaxing at the beach, [investing in my] health, wellness, mind, body and spirit, [practicing] yoga and barre, volunteering and fundraising for various causes, and recently being part of Peach, the amazing “start up” athleisure fashion brand.”


Sharon Jacoby

“My first why for joining Peach was to have my own business, but now It means so much more. When I joined Peach, I had been retired from teaching for three years. I was still trying to find my place; I wasn’t a part of a faculty or group anymore. I was missing that sense of belonging to something meaningful to me. I found that in Peach. From the moment I joined, everyone in the Peach community has been so welcoming & helpful. I now proudly BELONG to an incredible group of women: all so supportive and just down right sweet. Peach is my community, my tribe.”

Want to #bepartofsomethingbig, too?

Learn more about the Peach Stylist Opportunity here.

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