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peach is the best way to shop for your bras and basics. We come to work each day with one goal: to fill the top two drawers of your life with items that make you feel and look fabulous, starting with your bra drawer.

Here’s where our story begins:

the “root canal”

We were once told that shopping for a bra is as painful as getting a root canal.  We laughed, and then wholeheartedly agreed.

The entire experience is overwhelming. You’re often left to navigate racks (and racks and racks!) of bras on your own or with the assistance of a less-than-knowledgeable salesperson. The experience itself takes place in a dimly lit and dismal dressing room. As if it could not get worse, your experience is juxtaposed against models and images that make you feel all wrong. If you are even lucky enough to identify your true size, finding that size can be a herculean effort. This is because the traditional sizing system is broken, and the sizes available at most stores only fit a small fraction of women.

Your bra is the foundation of every outfit you wear, and one of the first things you put on in the morning – shouldn’t it feel, fit, and look great? We think so. You deserve it.

Plus, we know that women who start their day feeling comfortable and confident go on to do great things. Whether it’s taking care of a family, working up the corporate ladder, or even running their own businesses, we love watching empowered women make an impact.

So, we decided to start a revolution. Join us as we take bra shopping from awful to awesome, in a way that no one else has done before.

the peach revolution

peach is creating the best fitting bras you will ever wear. We’ve rethought nearly everything about how bras work – from the art of their design to the science of their sizing – allowing us to revolutionize the bra shopping experience. Here’s how:

  1. patented 10-point measurement system 

The days of the bra shop lady are outdated. The traditional underbust and overbust measurements to determine a woman’s bust size just aren’t enough to understand which bra will fit. That’s why peach takes 10 measurements.  Our Personal Stylists use our patented system, plugging in your 10 measurements into a carefully crafted algorithm, to truly understand your needs and find the best bra for you.

  1. our technology gets smarter with each woman we fit

We’ve collected data from nearly 2500 women (and counting) to make this the best possible size determination method out there. This powerful tool empowers our Personal Stylists to be the most helpful and knowledgeable bra fitters available to you. Combine this helpful tool with the knowledge and friendliness of a peach Personal Stylist, and you’re well on your way to feeling your most beyoutiful.

  1. your expert peach personal stylist comes to you

Goodbye dressing room drama! A friendly, trained Personal Stylist will visit you in the privacy and comfort of your home. She will guide you through our elegant line of basics and lingerie items, and will curate a collection especially for you.

  1. bras in your size

Traditional retailers are limited in the sizes they can reasonably offer. At peach, we’ve eliminated the middleman and bring our product direct to you, meaning we do not face the same limitations. This means bras in your size!

     5. coming soon, peach designed bras

Our measurement & sizing system is just the beginning. Coming soon, we’re proud to reveal our very own peach line of bras and underwear in 2015. We’ve designed our bra with you in mind – from the fit model to the high quality fabrics we’ve selected. We’ve taken your suggestions, we’ve heard your voices, and we’ve created a line of measured-to-fit bras and underwear that you’ll love and will look forward to putting on each morning.

To make the experience even easier, you will have the opportunity to sign-up for our replenishment service. You can replenish your bras, panties and other essentials automatically and on a time frame that works for you. We can’t wait to share our intimates line and repeachment with you in 2015.

We’re on to something big. It’s time to  meet peach.

with love, peach signature

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