I am completely thrilled with the outpouring of positive reinforcement by all of you since my first blog post introducing the peach mission as so much bigger than bras. I said there would be more to come… and, voila! A mere 24 hours after I published my post, my words and sentiment were reinforced by someone who you probably have heard of: actress Mila Kunis, published her own article, capturing how she is fighting unfairness and bias against women in her industry.


mila kunis

Producer & Actress Mila Kunis


Now, if Mila Kunis hasn’t heard of peach yet(!), her article tells me that she’s certainly living our mission without knowing it. Crucial to peach’s mission of helping women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin is to take notice of the unfairness and gender bias women experience on a regular basis. We must have the clarity, wisdom, and courage to declare something as not ok. And when someone does declare it, we need to celebrate that action, because getting to that place takes effort, especially when most of us have gone through our lives either assuming something is normal, acceptable behavior, or feel challenged to take action because it’s so subtle that we can’t put a finger on it.

In Mila Kunis’ case, it all started when she refused to pose semi-naked on the cover of a men’s magazine to promote one of her films, and the producer threatened her by telling her “You’ll never work in this town again.” And, guess what? She said No.

Please have a read here to see how this amazing woman has not only stood up to declare what is not ok but is literally crushing it in the film industry by relying on her own strengths to make positive change. Go Mila!

I look forward to sharing future posts with you, like this one, as well as our very own interviews, that feature women taking real action in the world, persevering in the face of headwinds, and naming things as NOT OK. If there is anyone you believe I should speak with, please let me know in the comments section or email me directly here.  I try to reply to everyone, so your thoughts aren’t going into some black hole. But I can be slow sometimes, so don’t be alarmed!

All the best,

Janet Kraus, peach CEO

Janet Kraus, peach CEO

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