Peach Summer 2020

The Peach Ambassadors that stepped up to help us launch our Summer 2020 Collection.


As we all know, summer is going to look a little different this year, and our latest collection here at Peach is no exception – but in this case, we think you’re going to like what you see.

Like many businesses, the current pandemic has thrown a LOT of obstacles our way, altering everything from the way we work and communicate at Peach to our production processes and timelines. This new landscape has challenged us to look at things with fresh perspectives, create innovative solutions and react quicker than ever.

So while nationwide social distancing restrictions kept us from holding our traditional summer photoshoot for the safety of our team, it presented us with an exciting opportunity to work with our Peach community on a more intimate level. For the first time ever, we partnered with four Ambassadors from all across the country – treating them to an inside look at our future collection and replacing our typical studio photography with dynamic and relatable lifestyle images that capture the style of real Peach women.

This partnership has exemplified everything we stand for at Peach: supporting you and your community so that we all thrive together. These four women answered our call and rose to the challenge we gave them, representing our newest collection in their own unique way. They supported us in a time of need, and we can’t wait to spread their work far and wide!

We are thrilled to finally be able to reveal this exciting partnership and to introduce you to the faces behind our summer collection. We are incredibly thankful to have these amazing women – and all of you – as part of the Peach Community!



Peach Summer 2020

Peach Ambassador, Tara in our NEW Haya Romper.


Age: 44
Location: New Jersey
Instagram: @thefashionhousemom
Photographer: Lauren Listor |
Favorite Summer 2020 Style: The Kristina Seamless Capri – “They’re ultra-comfortable and perfect for working out or just lounging.”


This fashionista juggles a career in the pharmaceutical field with the unique, yet rewarding, challenge of raising two eight-year-old boy/girl twins. In need of a creative outlet, she started her blog, The Fashion House Mom, to share her effortlessly elevated styled. She focuses on investing in high-quality, high-design brands and styles that you’ll wear over and over all season long – often mixing cozy Peach athleisure pieces with high-end designer labels. When she needs a little escape all the craziness of her different roles, she likes to go for a walk with her dog, Charlie.



Peach Summer 2020

Peach Ambassador, Debbie in our NEW Skytree Hoodie and Jogger.


Location: California
Instagram: @debbiessavage
Favorite Summer 2020 Style: 
The Kiki Crop  “The tailored fit looks incredible on and the fabric is so comfortable – I love it!”




As a former fitness instructor, health and wellness plays an important role in Debbie’s life, and you will often find her carving out time for herself in her Peach gym looks. Now, this full-time mom to two teenage girls and an elementary school son, focuses on pushing herself out of her comfort zone with her blog, To Thine Own Style Be True. As a natural introvert , this outlet has allowed Debbie to develop her voice and creativity while sharing her love for fashion, makeup and so much more. When she’s not building her personal brand, you can find Debbie re-creating the traditional Cambodian meals she grew up with for her family.



Peach Summer 2020

Peach Ambassador, Dana in our NEW Hiro Denim Jacket and Yuko Skort.


Age: 35
Location: Illinois
Instagram: @danaivy
Photographer: Viviana Gold |
Favorite Summer 2020 Style: 
The Yuko Skort  – “It’s SO flattering on and really comfortable, too!”


This former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom currently has her hands full with two wild and crazy boys: Brody, 5 and Levi, 3. As someone her friends and family often came to for advice, Dana realized how valuable it was to have a source you could go to for information you trust. With that in mind, Dana built her blog, I Adore What I Love, as a destination for women (especially other moms) seeking ways to make their lives just a little bit easier. Dana loves sharing everything from her latest shopping finds to daily life hacks, mom tips and easy gluten-free meals families will love (especially since she has Celiac Disease herself). As a busy mom, she knows just how important it is to have comfortable and versatile styles, so Peach has quickly become one of her favorite brands!



Peach Summer 2020

Peach Ambassador, Michelle in our NEW Ginzu Top.


Age: 53
Location: Georgia
Instagram: @arebelinprada
Photographer: Sara Hanna | @atlphotos
Favorite Summer 2020 Style: The Ginzu Top  “Such an elegant and versatile piece – and I just love the [lemon zest] color!”


This full-time corporate lawyer is known for her ultra-chic style and jokes that her career’s ability to support her shopping habits was a big deciding factor in her path. For Michelle, fashion has always been a positive force that made her feel more confident in both herself and the day ahead, so after much encouragement from friends and family, Michelle knew this was something she wanted to share with others. Building her personal brand, A Rebel In Prada, has become her creative outlet that’s further opened her world to new opportunities and connections. However, when she’s not rocking her designer heels, you can find Michelle on a long walk with her two Spaniels, Reb and Shelby – they even make an appearance in some of our Summer 2020 Collection!


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