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The story of By Lilla is one of two passionate momtrepreneurs, Michelle Possin and Colette Feldman, whom were destined to meet.

Now, if you haven’t met By Lilla yet, this is the kind of product you didn’t know how badly you needed until you found out it existed. You know that black hair elastic, that you so often wear around your wrist, just in case you need to put your hair up during the day? And then inevitably, that black hair elastic either gets lost, or cuts off the circulation from your wrist? Or, simply clashes with your outfit? Well, By Lilla is the solution to all of this. They are beautiful, fashion-forward, stackable bracelets, that moonlight as hair ties exactly when you need them. And it seems the universe had been conspiring, all of Michelle and Colette’s life, to bring this product to our lives.

As young girls, both immigrated to the U.S. from Colombia and settled in Miami with their families. As young women, both attended college in Boston, Michelle at Boston University and Colette at Brandeis University. And as new moms, Michelle and Colette became friends, and both wanted to engage their mind and spirit in work, but not in a way that compromised their ability to raise their kids. This need, for a life filled with passion and purpose became the spark that would become By Lilla.

As they brainstormed business ideas, Michelle and Colette found that they often had to choose between not having a hair tie handy when they needed it and the fashion fail of having a boring, black elastic adorn their wrists. So, they decided to take action. Inspired by their long hair, vibrant Colombian heritage and constantly-in-motion lifestyles as new moms, they created By Lilla – handmade, fashion forward bracelets that double as functional hair ties.

Like peach, By Lilla is also committed to empowering women. Their bracelets are handmade by women from poor, Latin American communities, providing them with creative work and a healthy income.

Discover their collection with peach.

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