We recently read that women will spend nearly one year of their lives deciding what to wear! This includes choosing and creating outfits for work, pick-up/drop-off of kids, holidays, the gym, special events, date night, and all of the other activities we, as women, do. And hey, while changing outfits three to four times in a day can be necessary, it shouldn’t be the norm. We all need at least one “go-to” outfit that never fails – an outfit that’s the perfect combination of comfortable and stylish; casual yet put together. This is why we made the peach everywear collection. It’s the best place to start when the dress code is casual, but you still want to feel beautiful and put-together.

Here are three ways you can style our everywear collection to create your own “go-to” outfit.

1. Dress up your favorite leggings with our French Terry Wrap 


Mollie Milano from Style Spies (@molliestylespies) wearing the French Terry Wrap

Who said you can’t look elegant while wearing leggings? As Mollie proves in this photo, it’s all about what you wear them with, which is why our french terry wrap is a must-have. The french terry wrap provides a gorgeous silhouette, and is just the right length in the back, so you’ll feel effortlessly elegant and comfortable all at once.

Learn more about Mollie’s outfit here



2.Pair your colored denim with our French Terry Pullover


Natalie King from Nat King Couture (@natkingcouture) wearing our French Terry Pullover

We’ve said it before. The french terry pullover is the coolest item to keep you warm. And while it certainly looks good with your winter leggings, we love how Natalie is sporting the pullover with light green denim and a pair of black studded booties.

See more of Natalie’s style here.



3. Rock your denim and leather jackets with our French Terry Joggers


erin 1

Erin Lopez from Style Spies (@erinstylespies) wearing the French Terry Jogger

We love this stylish, “drop your kids off at the bus stop” look. Erin is rocking her french terry joggers with her favorite denim and leather jacket up top, and some stand-out glitter sneakers to complete the outfit.If glitter shoes aren’t your thing, then throw on your favorite sneaker or casual shoe to represent your style.

Learn more about Erin’s outfit here.



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