Our Peach Design Director, Daniela Bascuñan.

Our Peach Design Director, Daniela Bascuñan.

Whether we want to admit it or not, winter is coming! But instead of cringing at the thought of the frigid days ahead, Peach Design Director, Daniela Bascuñan, is challenging us to embrace our inner snow queen. She’s been hard at work crafting a groundbreaking new holiday fashion collection that is equally cozy and luxurious and perfect for everything gym, work and play. But even though it doesn’t launch until 10/23, she gave us an inside look at the collection and it’s already giving us chills (in the best way)!

Read more below to learn about all the exclusive details of our new holiday fashion collection and what inspired Daniela’s design process.

The wintery kingdom that Daniela channeled while designing the new Winter's Tale collection.

The wintery kingdom that Daniela channeled while designing the new Winter’s Tale collection.

1. Winter’s Tale

“Unlike the past seasons, this collection isn’t tied to a single location. Instead, I wanted to evoke that magical feeling associated with the winter and holiday season- think of those ethereal, snow-covered kingdoms you read about in books! This collection is named Winter’s Tale and incorporates the perfect mix of cozy elements, glamourous layers, and a sophisticated neutral palette to bring to life this wintery fantasyland I’ve been envisioning for you.  Check out this video for a look at my favorite inspiration piece!”

Holiday Fashion: The Frostbite Print

Our new Frostbite print featured throughout the Winter’s Tale collection, including the Frostbite Pullover.

2. The Must-Have Holiday Fashion Print

“You know that first day when you wake up to find frost covered windows? I’ve always seen that as the official declaration of winter. So naturally I couldn’t resist showcasing these beautiful nature-made patterns in our newest Peach print; it’s not only declaring the arrival of a new season, but also a new collection! But unlike the more abstract patterns I’ve chosen in the past, this engineered print is literally made from photographs of frost; creating a more literal and bold holiday fashion statement that won’t shy away from the cold temps!”

Holiday Fashion: Faux Fur Polar Hoodie

The faux fur Polar Hoodie from our new Winter’s Tale collection.

3. On-Trend Holiday Fashion: Faux Fur

“Every snow queen deserves luxurious layers to shield themselves from the cold with. Constructed out of sleek black faux fur, the Polar Hoodie is a modern holiday fashion update to everyone’s favorite sweatshirt silhouette. Reach for this cozy style to finish off any look from gym to play, and take reign over you own personal snow kingdom.”

Holiday Fashion: The Modern Boho Jumpsuit

The Modern Boho Jumpsuit from our new Winter’s Tale collection.

4. The Hottest Silhouette: The Jumpsuit

“Let’s be real. There is never enough time in the holiday season to accomplish everything you want to. That said, I knew the Peach women needed something that was easy, effortless, and comfortable for all of her last-minute gatherings- and so the Modern Boho Jumpsuit was born! Toss it on and spend less time fussing with your closet, and more time focusing on all the incredible people in your life. Talk about something to raise our glasses to!”

Holiday Fashion: Sleek Satin Details

Some of the sleek satin details incorporated throughout our new Winter’s Tale collection.

5. The Perfect Holiday Shine

“Instead of the traditional sequin and sparkle we’ve come to expect, I wanted to really reinvent how we perceive holiday fashion; incorporating sleek satin touches for a more subtle holiday shine. From drawstrings on sweatshirts, to the piping along the outer seam of our new fleece joggers, and even a statement jacket constructed entirely out of satin; this modern holiday shine can extend far past the seasonal festivities for a fun year-round glow!”

Shop our newest collection here on 10/23.

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