My peach story begins when I RSVP’d “yes” to an informational cocktail party in Boston.

What I knew about the company in these early days – its fresh take on bras, panties and basics, the founding team, and the Stylist opportunity – caught my attention. Over the next hour, my initial curiosity transformed to interest, then excitement, and ultimately commitment. I knew I needed to launch peach in Maine.

So, I joined as a Stylist. peach flowed so naturally into my everyday life and conversations with women. One day at the beach, a simple remark about the “great job” my bra was doing resulted in four client appointments as each woman said, “I want that too!”

This is when I started to think about how I could continue to grow my business.

I realized my network expanded well beyond Maine to New York, Ohio, Oregon, California, and Pennsylvania. I knew if I could introduce my friends and family to peach, that they too would love the experience.

And then I thought, if I could get these ladies on video, I could walk them through the peach fit process and help them find their perfect fitting bra.

Video was the key to scaling my business from Maine.

peach video2

Meet my first video client, Rachael.

Rachael was desperate for a new bra: “I need one that fits, where the straps do not slip, that lifts, and stays in place. Help me!”

She was ready for the bra-volution and was willing to try anything. She responded, “Yes!” to my invite for a video appointment and immediately followed with a text that read, “How about now?”

Fifteen minutes later we were on FaceTime measuring away, all in the comfort of our bedrooms!

I walked her through the fitting process; she bought three perfectly fitting bras. So lifted (literally and figuratively!) by her experience, she decided to join my team as a Stylist herself!

It was my first video appointment and yet, I knew what I just experienced could be break-through for my business. It could help me reach clients and potential Stylists across the country.

When our CEO, Janet Kraus, learned of my outside-the-box appointments, she did not dismiss it as an anomaly in Maine, rather she leaned in with curiosity. She brought the vision for how to turn this “small idea” into a “big, game changing idea” at scale.

This is what I love most about being a Stylist at peach – we are true partners in building this brand! With cutting edge technology, innovative design, and expert Stylists, peach is continuously improving how we meet the needs of the market place, and peach by video is no exception.

Now, any woman can experience peach, regardless of geography. In 20 minutes, you can find your perfect fit and fill your top two drawers with products you love. All in time to dash off to your next meeting, errand or school pick up.

To sign up for a video appointment, click here. To learn more about how peach video appointments work, click here.

with love, peach

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