Summer Party

Summer can be full of celebrations, from graduations, to bridal showers and weddings, but it doesn’t always have to be a big production. It’s the perfect time of year to get together with friends, family and everyone in between, just for the fun of it! Here at Peach, we believe in keeping our gatherings simple – after all, it’s about the people and connections you foster!

We’ve put together 3 easy “recipes” for hosting a great summer party. All you have to do is add friends and enjoy!

The Pool Party

This gathering is perfect for busy moms. Bring the kids and let them go for a dip in the pool while the adults get to enjoy some great conversation and small bites. A play date for the kids and time spent with friends – it’s like checking two things off your to-do list at once!

Summer Party

Some of our must-haves for the perfect summer party at the pool.

Ingredients for a good time:
1 pitcher of lemonade for the kids
1 pitcher of sangria for the adults (or your favorite summer beverage)
1 bag of tortilla chips
1 bowl of guacamole
1 bowl of chopped fruit
1 bag of pretzels
2-3 fun pool floats
1 bottle of sunscreen

Toss the first six items on a table, the seventh in the pool and lather the last on yourself!

The Fitness Party

This type of gathering is the perfect way to spend more time getting to know the ladies that attend your favorite yoga class or play tennis with you. Simply invite them over for some post-workout snacks and enjoy recharging with some great conversation.

Summer Party

All of our must-haves for a summer party at our local fitness studio.

Ingredients for a good time:
1 box of granola bars
1 case of flavored seltzer waters
1 bowl of fresh berries
1 quart of yogurt

Mix all ingredients on a coffee table, open the window for a breeze (you did just come from the gym, after all!) and prepare for some post-workout laughs!

The Girls Night Out

Ideal for the ladies that need to unplug. Whether it’s a mid-week get-together or weekend event, gather the ladies together for a night of quality time spent laughing, relaxing and enjoying tasty drinks and treats.

Summer Party

Some of our must-haves for a great summer party spent with the ladies in our life.

Ingredients for a good time:
2 sleeves of crackers
1 large cluster of grapes (red or green)
1 block of cheese of your choice
1 spread (fig jam is a great option)
2-3 bottles of wine or all the mixings for your favorite cocktails (or mocktails!)
1 package of napkins with cute sayings or patterns (for some added fun!)

Arrange the first four items on a cutting board and distribute the last two to ladies as they arrive. There’s no better welcome to a night of good company than a tasty beverage!


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