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Building a strong network is critical for any business owner, and is something peach Personal Stylists are doing each day. To put it into a peach perspective, like a perfect fitting bra that provides support and makes you feel beyoutiful, a strong network is your personal support structure for advice, leads, partnering, and more. We sat down with our Director stylists, Katey Rybski and Mollie Milano, and Deena Baikowitz, Chief Networking Officer of Fireball Network, to get their top tips on building a strong network!

Tip #1: have an open mind

As you go about your day, be open minded to the fact that just about anyone could be your next client or business partner. “From sitting at swim team practice with your kids to chatting in line with someone at Starbucks”, Mollie writes, “that person could be your next customer.” So, when opportunities present themselves to you, like a party, formal networking event, or something completely different and new, say yes!

Tip #2: share who you are

Think beyond what you do and share who you are when you’re meeting with someone. Be open to sharing what your special interests and hobbies are, like “sharing your recipe for red velvet cupcakes, or inviting a new contact to your favorite workout class,” Deena suggests.

Tip #3: be authentic when presenting the opportunity

If you’ve ever felt nervous sharing your business opportunity with someone, this tip is for you. The key is authenticity. Be honest and direct. Tell people what you do, and remind yourself that you’re there to help your friends and clients. Explain why what you offer is valuable and why you believe in it. Mollie adds, “Always be selling, but in the most authentic way you know how.”

Tip #4: let the other person say “no”

It’s not your job to decide whether or not your business is relevant to someone else. Let her make that decision! And if they do say “no”, don’t get discouraged. “Even if it doesn’t result in a client or a new partner right away, maybe she knows somebody who is interested, or maybe she’ll think of you in the future,” Katey shares.

Tip #5: ask the question “how can we help each other?”

Supportive networks are all about building a community. Instead of meeting someone and thinking “what can she do for my business;” Katey suggests changing that question to “how can we help each other?” Whether it’s partnering on events, sending client referrals, or sharing marketing ideas, there are so many ways networking can have a shared benefit.

Tip #6: think long-term

Think beyond the first meeting and nurture quality connections. Make the effort to interact with your network through different touch points, like inviting them to coffee, sending an email with a favorite website or resource, attending their event, or introducing them to someone. Deena adds, “stay visible, show up regularly, and be up in front of your clients and network.”


Do you have any network building tips? Share them below! Are you ready to build a business that supports you and your network? Join peach as a personal stylist.

with love, peach


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