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It feels like just yesterday that peach celebrated our FIRST annual SuccessFest in Miami. It was a jammed-packed, 3-day event, where we recognized, awarded, and celebrated all of our inspiring, entrepreneurial Personal Stylists who make the peach world go round! It was an invigorating hurricane, emotionally and literally. Yes, a real hurricane crashed our peach party, but that didn’t stop us.

The festivities ranged from interactive product meetings to dancing the night away. It was all fun and games until I realized I had signed up to be a “fit” model for one of our bra fit training sessions. In a nutshell: shirt off, pink 1970’s looking fit bra on. Um hello? I was still packing those extra pounds from the holidays and there was no way I was exposing my busting pant buttons. I needed a pant that would flatter me instead of constrict me. Something as soft as a legging, but actually a pant and showed I had a sense of style. So I did what any sensible experienced retail gal would do: scavenge the rolling rack for samples. It was love at first touch, once I got a hold of our Modern Boho pants, I knew they were the ones. I changed faster than Jiminy Cricket and was immediately at peace. With the Modern Boho pants on, any thoughts about holiday pounds were gone.

As I familiarized myself with the Bohos, I also discovered something amazing. I hope I am not dating myself, but I had a Mary Catherine Gallagher moment. I put my hands in the pockets and started clapping against my legs. The silky swoosh of the modal cotton pant leg combined with the breeze I was creating felt like nirvana. I found myself going around to the stylists and my colleagues preaching, “Sometimes, when I get hot, I stick my hands in my Boho pockets and then swoosh them like this!”


Now that I have painted quite the peachy picture for you (and a GIF on top of that), I’ll get serious for a minute. The moment I got back from Miami I bought my black Modern Bohos. They are so soft and effortlessly chic, and to top it off, they do wonders for the butt area. I could continue to ramble on, but I will spare you and let you feel for yourself how badly you need our Modern Bohos.

 with love,

peach Home Office Correspondent

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