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Peach Stylist, Melissa Kelley, enjoying the flexibility to work from home.

At Peach, it has always been our mission to be a force for good to help women thrive both personally and professionally. Now, at a time when meaningful income and job flexibility are critical to staying afloat, we are proud to be able to continue offering women all across the country the opportunity to work from their own homes and on their own schedule.

As a Peach Stylist, women have the opportunity to build their own virtual fashion business and become part of a connected and empowering community that actively builds each other up. Not only do they gain access to our collections of comfy, versatile and stylish athleisure, but they also receive unsurpassed training and support to help them navigate building a business amid this new norm.

Scroll down to hear first-hand how Peach has been a force for good in the lives of our Stylists  – providing them the meaningful income, flexibility, community and connection that they need now more than ever.


Jeanine Isabella | New York

This stay-at-home mom is juggling her four kid’s schedules (which now includes home schooling) and Is still finding time to build a successful fashion business and squeeze in a daily workout.

Peach Stylist

“Peach has been a compass during these uncertain times, not just for me, but for our entire Stylist community. Since day one, the corporate team has kept us feeling connected and supported, using virtual platforms to remind us that we’re in this together and providing us with guidance and training on how to navigate this new norm.

For me, it has also offered an escape from the chaotic days of homeschool assignments and sibling banter. It can be challenging with all six of us home all the time, but Peach has given me moments to focus my energy and mind on continuing to build our incredible brand that offers women so many ways to feel good.”


Trish Carey | Massachusetts

As a mom to two teenage girls, Trish has been enjoying a break from her typical sports carpool. Instead, using her time to stay connected and continue to provide value and support to those in her network.

Peach Stylist

“What I miss most right now are my daily interactions – even just a smile from an acquaintance at a barre class or a coffee shop!

Despite being unable to spend time in-person with the different groups and communities I’m involved in, FaceTime and zoom have allowed me to keep in touch. Whether it’s a virtual cocktail hour or more individualized reach outs, it gives me the chance to check in on friends, clients and acquaintances, and let them know I am thinking of them.

We’re all struggling to stay motivated these days, so being able to share Peach with them and introduce them to comfy and versatile style that make their new norm a little easier, is always really rewarding.”


Megan Tager |  Massachusetts

Despite having zero previous retail experience, this children’s yoga instructor decided to give building her own virtual fashion business a try and has found it to be a great financial contribution during these times.

Peach Stylist

“Work and life look very different these days.  I miss teaching yoga and being with my students. I now have a full house with my son home from college, and I’ve suddenly found myself taking on the role of teacher for all three of my kids.

The reality is that our world is changing, but I’m grateful that Peach has allowed me to change with it. I continue to be able to grow my Peach business virtually and it’s allowed me to add meaningfully to my family’s financial well-being during these times.”


Kelly Burlingame | Massachusetts

For this Pre-School Teacher, Peach has helped fill the quarantine void  – providing her a sense of community that she has been missing.

Peach Stylist

“Being a natural extrovert, I really miss the “camaraderie” of my co-workers and the crazy energy of my preschool class. It’s really meant a lot to be able to turn to the Peach community during these times. This group of women is so supportive – they keep me feeling motivated during these challenging times and are always available for mentorship and guidance as I navigate building my Peach business in this virtual world.”



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