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If you’re like me (and most women), you likely don’t know that 4 points of fit are a “thing” when it comes to bra fit. I mean, sure, whenever I went bra shopping with my mom years ago, I would pay attention to whether I had spillage or gapping (don’t worry, I’ll get to explaining these terms) and how nice the silhouette was under a t-shirt. But, we never called it anything official.

Fast forward to joining peach, and I realized mom always knew best. Turns out, the 4 points of fit are an industry-wide standard in assessing fit! And, they’re essential in figuring out whether your bra really fits you. They’re also super easy to do yourself.

Bra fit tip #1: band doesn't ride up

Band: your band should be snug, and should fit firmly and horizontally across your back. Why is this so important? Well, 80% of a bra’s support comes from the band, so if you want your bra to lift and support you, pick a band on the tighter side. (Of course, you don’t want to be uncomfortable or in pain.) You should be able to gently pull on your band and get it about 1 inch away from your back. Any more than an inch, and your band size is probably too big.

Bra fit tip #2: centerfront lays flat

Centerfront: your centerfront should lay flat against your breastbone. Also known as the bra’s gore or bridge, the centerfront is the part of your bra that attaches the two cups and wires. You want it to lay flat against your body. If it’s starting to come off, pull away, or float, that’s an indication of band or cup fit issues.

Note: Like all things, especially in the bra business, there are exceptions to the rule. For full busted woman, it’s likely that no gore will ever lay flat. Not to fear! If the other points of fit are satisfied, a slight pulling away is acceptable.

Bra fit tip #3: wire contains breast tissue

Wire: The wires of your bra are meant to define your breast shape and completely contain your breast tissue. If there is breast tissue spilling outside of the wires, the cups are probably too small.  If there is space between the wire and where your breast tissue starts, the cups are probably too big. (You don’t want to feel your ribs through your cups!)

Bra fit tip #4: no gappiness in your cups

Cup: the cups should completely contain your breast tissue without any spilling or gapping. That means no double-bubble or space between your breast tissue and the bra itself. Sometimes, you have a little bit of double bubble or a little bit of gapping near the top of the cup (especially if your breasts are sloped or gravity’s making its presence known to your breasts), but they disappear underneath a shirt. That’s okay! Aim for the moon here (total containment in the cup, absolutely no spillage or gapping) knowing that it’s okay to land in the stars (a little bit of either that goes away under a shirt).

So there you have it. These are the 4 points of fit. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


But don’t leave me just yet! I like to say that peach has a 5th point of fit, and it’s the most important one to pass. After you’ve checked off your 4 points of fit above, then you absolutely need to put on a shirt to see if the bra really gives you a lifted, beautiful shape.

A well-made bra that is best for you will do this; it will pass the Test of the Fifth.  But many won’t! Don’t let the system dupe you into thinking that because a bra is comfortable and fulfills the 4 points of fit, it’s a wonderful bra. It’s really difficult to create a well-engineered, supportive, lifting bra that does satisfy the 4 points of fit and passes the Test of the Fifth (ToTF). But when done well, it’s amazing, life-changing, and downright delightful. That’s what we’re striving for, here at peach.

So don’t forget: 4 points of fit followed by the Test of the Fifth. It’s easy to do this when you order a peach tank with your bras and you have a sumptuously soft top to toss on over your bra. Trust me.

with love, peach

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