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Peach Stylist and corporate HR Consultant, Rona Millinger poses with her husband, Adam.

We created the Peach Stylist Opportunity to empower women to start their own fashion businesses, enjoy a career that’s creative and flexible, and allow them to earn meaningful income. It’s designed to fit each and every individual’s lifestyle and allows them to work anywhere and anytime that’s convenient for them. As a result, a day in the life of one Peach stylist can look VERY different from another’s- but that’s the beauty of it! We’re highlighting some of these incredible women in our stylist community by asking them to share what 24 hours as a Peach stylist looks like for them.


Meet Rona Millinger. This girl boss has built her own business – not once, but twice. First and foremost is her human resource consulting business, she has been operating full-time out of the comfort of her home for the past 13 years. She provides personal, high-touch services to companies large and small, public and private. This past year, she also launched her own fashion business with Peach and has found that the flexibility of this opportunity fits perfectly into the holes of her corporate schedule. It also allows Rona to gain first-hand experience with building a brand as well as selling and managing a team — so she feels much more equipped to coach and train corporate clients who are doing the same.


Between these two career paths and life as a mom of two boys, she’s got a full schedule. She enjoys staying busy and loves the flexibility. Being her own boss means she never has to sacrifice time spent with family. She revealed that she’s excited to continue growing her Peach business to a point where she can be a little more selective with the consulting clients she takes on. In the meantime, she assures us that every day is different and she’s still working on finding the perfect formula for work-life balance.


Below she takes us through a typical day of what balancing a corporate career and her Peach business looks like for her.


6:45 AM

“This is when I typically start my day. Before I get out of bed, I’ll take a few minutes to catch up on any communications surrounding my Peach business; including responding to emails and taking a look at what conversations are happening in the Peach Stylist Group on Facebook. This allows me to stay up-to-date on promotions, product stock, stylist trainings, gatherings and my team.”


7:15 AM

“I am a mother to two boys, Nate and Cole. Most of the year Cole is away at college, but Nate is still in high school; so once I get up, I’m focused on getting him up and out the door.”


7:50 AM

“I get a lot of pleasure out of being able to drive Nate to school each day. It might only be a 6-minute drive, but it’s 6 minutes that we get to spend together every weekday. He’s also really into rap music right now, so I get a kick out of listening to it with him on our ride.”


8:15 AM

“At this point I’m back at home and ready to tackle some of the easier tasks on my to-do list for my corporate job. This is typically more administrative tasks like responding to emails and scheduling but getting to check them off my list this early in the day always feels rewarding!”


9:00 AM

“Since I work remotely, it’s incredibly important for me to find time to get out of the house and get focused for my day. Recently, I’ve been enjoying sliding into my Reversible LeggingsStrappy Sports Bra and Rib Knit Tank and heading to the gym for some of the heated studio classes, like hot yoga or sculpting. This has also been a great way for me to meet potential Peach clients, so I really make an effort to get to know the women who show up; including the amazing trainers. I’ve found that Peach is a natural fit for those working as a fitness professional and allows them to provide a wider range of services to their clients. I’ve already had one join my team as a stylist, and sometimes others simply fall in love with the clothes and prefer to refer their clients to me. It’s been a great source of exposure for my business.”


10:30 AM

“This is when I really dive into my work as a human resources consultant. I’ll spend a lot of my day on calls with my corporate clients; using the time in-between to make progress on the different projects we’ve discussed.”


2:00 PM

“I find time throughout the day to check-in and respond to any communication surrounding Peach; whether it’s my team members looking for advice or clients inquiring about purchases and returns. I also make sure to head over to the Peach dashboard to stay up-to-date on the progress of both myself and my team members, so that I can provide motivation and encouragement where it’s needed most. If there’s someone I’ve been in conversation with about hosting a gathering, this is also something I follow up on and see if they’re ready to set a date.”


4:00 PM

“My son is on the high school baseball team, so most days there is a game going on. I make it a point to set aside the time in my schedule so that I can always be there to cheer him on! Finding this balance between work and time spent with family and friends has always been a top priority for me. I truly love what I do and am someone who loves keeping busy, but I never want to feel like it’s draining my energies. The flexibility of being my own boss, whether that’s for my consulting firm or my Peach business, has been incredible, and really allows me to fit work around my schedule so that I don’t have to sacrifice moments like these.”


6:30 PM

“I make an effort to put together home-cooked meals each night. It’s a chance for my husband and our sons to simply spend time together at the end of each day- it’s time that I really cherish.  I typically gravitate toward anything I can put on the grill since it saves a lot of time, but some of our favorites are spicy marinated chicken or turkey and beef combo burgers.”


8:00 PM

“At the end of my day, I always carve out a little time to check-in and spend some time focused on my Peach business. In addition to following up on any emails, this is my chance to set intention for the next day as well as the rest of the week. I try to think of who I should be reaching out to; whether its clients who haven’t shopped recently, following up on conversations about potential gatherings, or someone who I think would really love the flexibility, kind culture and meaningful income associated with becoming a Stylist. I like to create a sense of accountability for myself and will literally book time in my day to reach out to the individuals I’ve identified. It doesn’t always work, but it leaves a lot less room for excuses and I know the time I put into it, is definitely paying off.”


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