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Any bra can be a bad fit. Even when it’s thoughtfully designed and well engineered (blessed by angels, sprinkled with fairy dust, and so on), the wrong bra size and style can present fit challenges.

The solution? Find the right size and style for your breasts. Seems easy, right? Yet, it often involves mastery of the not-so-simple task of understanding the complex interplay between band, wire, and cup.

So let’s delve in to the complicated world of bra fit challenges. I promise, by the end of this, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without your own peach stylist.

Fit Challenge #1: Uncomfortable band tension

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Reading this, you’re probably thinking, “What does this even mean? Why does my band have “tension”? Does it need a relaxing spa day?” (Don’t we all need a relaxing spa day?)

Well, the first thing to know is that a tight band isn’t actually a bad sign. Sure, sometimes your band may be too tight. But most of the time, the band feels snug because it’s new and needs a little love and wear. Remember, 80% of your support comes from the band. So if you want your bra to lift and support you, it all starts with a snug band.

However, if you’re in pain and you feel like you can’t breathe, then this means you either need to go up in band size or cup size. Try going up in band size first. Keep in mind though, that if your bra cups are too small, then even the right band size will feel too tight. We know, complicated. And we’re just getting started.

Fit Challenge #2: Double bubble

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A great bartender once said, martinis are like boobs. Two is just right. Three or four is too many! We agree!

If your bra is giving you a double bubble (or quad-boob) under your shirt, your first reaction might be to try a cup size up. However, depending on where the bra band is situated on your body, it can pull and create pressure at the wrong angle creating a double bubble effect.

A bra with a loose band will sit low on your ribcage and create pressure at just the wrong angle to give you quad-boob. At the same time, a bra with a tight band will create pressure across your bust, giving you —you guessed it!—quad-boob. You’d be surprised at how many “cup issues” are solved by simply adjusting band size.

The solution: Check how your band is fitting first. If the band is just right (it feels snug, and you’re able to fit two fingers between the band and your skin), then the issue is probably your cups. Try a larger cup size next.

Fit Challenge #3: Pinching at the side (or center) of the breast:

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This one’s pretty painful (not to mention frustrating). Your wires should NEVER dig into your breast tissue.

The first thing to do when this happens is try a cup size up. If you’re still not happy with the fit afterwards, it might be that you need to try a different band size.

Similar to before, when your band isn’t fitting properly, it can affect your wires and create painful pressure against your body. This is yet another example of the wonky and complex interplay between the band, wire and cup!


We’ve come to the end.  We know, it all sounds like a big pain in the booby, like a conspiracy to make finding your perfect bra fit massively difficult. This is why you have your peach stylist to guide you through the fitting process. And, this is why peach often sends multiple sizes and styles. We want to give you enough options to play with but not too many that you want to pull your hair out.

Have yet to find your perfect bra fit? Connect with a stylist today.


with love, peach

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