When was the last time you heard or used the word “zest” to describe yourself or others?

At least for us, it’s been a while, which is one of the reasons why our newest collection, Life in Motion, was completely inspired by Zest. A strength we don’t often talk about or hear, but when used, can keep us moving and engaged in the most fulfilling of ways.

Zest is the strength that brings you energy, draws other people to you and is a pathway for developing meaningful relationships. Feeling alive, full of energy, and being all-in, are just some of the dynamic attributes that define the strength of Zest. In many ways, it is the perfect strength to activate as we awaken from the slumber of winter to the vibrancy of spring.

There are three manifestations of Zest:

  • Body:  Feeling full of energy and vitality
  • Mind:  Feeling psychologically content, happy or enthusiastic
  • Spirit: Feeling a “calling” or a clear sense of meaning and purpose in life

If all of the above sounds compelling, keep reading for ways you can manifest zest in your own life. As always, practice makes perfect.


1. Practice the strength of zest through activation of Body

Zest is a strength that is highly connected to the body.  To unleash your zest, you need to become aware of your body’s own energetic rhythm, noting what creates energy in the body and what drains it. 

  • Pay attention to when you naturally have the highest levels of energy during the day. Then, plan activities that require excitement and energy during those time frames. Zest grows and expands when your energy is already at its highest level.
  • Create work environments that stimulate energy.  Play around with your environment to understand the construct that energizes you most. This is everything from the location of your desk to the artwork that hangs on your walls.  
  • Dress in clothing that makes you feel great and supports the energy needed for your situation. Sometimes this means your comfiest athleisure and other times your chicest pair of heals.
  • Notice how other sensory stimuli impact you – like music, smell, temperature, and even pets.  This will be a very personal list, but when you find the right version and/or combination, they can make a huge difference in your energy level.

2. Practice the strength of zest through activation of Mind

The energy you let in has a complete impact on the energy you feel.  Look for ways in which you can protect and nurture your happiness and enthusiasm.

  • Pay attention and try to move away from negative people and energy draining conversations. It’s not always easy to do, but being exposed to negativity is always zest-zapping.  
  • Allow yourself to move toward people who have a joy for life; let their energy wash over you. Zest is contagious. Not only will exposure to these people boost your energy, they are also likely to inspire you!
  • Notice your inner dreams, desires and passions. Imagine them, revel in them, see yourself living into them.  Then pick one that seems the most exciting, and identify the first step you could take towards bringing it to life. Then, do it!

3. Practice the strength of zest through activation of Spirit

When you are engaged and connected with activities that have meaning and purpose, you will naturally activate your zest and feel more alive and fulfilled.  

  • Identify the times or activities during the day when you are “in the flow”. These are the moments when you are engaged in something so fulfilling that time seems to pass quickly and without notice. Find ways to bring more of these activities into your life.
  • If you are employed outside of the home, ask yourself: Does your current job feel like a calling? Does what you do feel connected with your purpose? If the answer is “no,” this might be a moment to ask yourself if there is a job that would bring you closer to your purpose!


Leave us a note in the comments on how these exercises go, and we’ll enter you to win a $100 gift card!

with love, peach

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