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a bra love story

Picture this: You get home at 5pm. It’s been a long day. You take off your fancy shoes and “feet-gasm” into your slippers. You head upstairs to your bedroom, take off your skinny jeans and change into yoga pants.

You take a deep breath, smile, and decide to get take-out for dinner. Refreshed.

What’s missing? What haven’t you done?

Well, I’ll tell you. Not once, not even for one second do you consider taking off your bra. Why? Because it is so comfortable. So comfortable in fact that you keep it on for hours and sometimes forget to take it off before bed.

No underwire pinch. No boobie bubble. No gaping cups.

What’s that? Impossible you say?

Oh my dear – I can’t tell a lie – this is a bra so good you’ll want to sleep with it.

Not your style? Need a bit more support up top? Have no fear. There are plenty more bras in the drawer to choose from, and peach Personal Stylists are here to help you find that perfect fit.

Help me help you never want to take your bra off again. (Unless, of course, you need to wash it).



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