2020 Goals

Our Head Of Field Development, Bevin Mugford, sharing our personal development program with attendees at a local event.


We are kicking off a new year and a new decade, so it’s no surprise goal setting has become a hot topic! However, at Peach, personal and professional development is a year-round initiative. With a mission to empower women, one way we are able to activate this is through the training we offer women within our Stylist community. By helping women identify and lean into their internal strengths, we are able to give them the foundational knowledge they need to not only build a successful fashion business of their own, but to thrive while doing it.

With all the noise surrounding this buzzy goal setting topic, it can be a little overwhelming. To help cut through all the noise, we reached out to our local expert and Peach’s Head of Field Development, Bevin Mugford. Bevin is the zesty and always inspiring face behind our personal development trainings, and the woman rolling up her sleeves to work one-on-one with our Stylist community as part of our mission. When it comes to goal setting and self-improvement, no one knows how to navigate these topics quite like Bevin! To make sure your 2020 gets off to a strong start, we got Bevin to reveal the essential components needed to rock your 2020 goals!


2020 Goals

Peach Head of Field Development connects with an attendee at a recent personal development workshop.

1. Don’t just be future oriented

We might be kicking off a new decade, but be sure to take a look back at 2019 and ask yourself ‘what am I most proud of accomplishing?’ Did you end up hitting your goals? If so – how were you able to accomplish them? If not – why?


2. Set a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Don’t be afraid to get ambitious and set that stretch goal. These New Year’s goals are intended to challenge you – just make sure it’s reasonable (It shouldn’t be completely impossible to hit!).

3. Set mini goals

Break down that BHAG into 3-5 smaller goals – but be specific! These should be focused on the tactics or ‘how’ involved in reaching that big end goal. At the end of the day, it will help getting there seem a lot more manageable by amplifying your smaller achievements.

4. Work on them daily

Goal setting is not just an annual activity – it is a daily, weekly and monthly practice. Just like going to the gym, you have to be consistent to actually see the results. Don’t just write your goals and put them in the drawer – work them DAILY.

5. Don’t overthink it – just start

Start putting on paper what you want to accomplish. Start tracking your progress toward those goals. It can often times be the biggest hurdle, but once in motion you’ll be blown away by all that you can learn about yourself. You will be proud of yourself, and at times disappointed. But most importantly – YOU will be the architect of the life you want to live.



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