tips for success from peach CEO Janet Kraus

When the start of the week comes around (especially post-holiday!), peach is all about kicking off with gratitude, humor, and inspiration. Today, we’re tuning in to a recent interview between our very own CEO, Janet Kraus and Dr. Portia Jackson of Working Motherhood.

Here are the takeaways for the week:

1. Find your favorite success quote. Quotes can be amazing way of connecting with how you define success for yourself, and setting your motivation for the day and week.  When asked what her favorite success quote was, Janet answered with words from Maya Angelou: “success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Tune into minute 4:10 of the interview for more on this topic.

2. Overcome stress with gratitude. When worry sets in, and the stress monster seems to be growing, find success in those moments by practicing being in the present.  One of the tools Janet uses to accomplish this is the practice of gratitude.  All it takes is a few minutes to put both feet on the ground, and say 5 things that you’re thankful for at that very moment.  This practice of gratitude has an amazing ability of rooting yourself into the present, and placing things into perspective. Tune into minute 10:40 of the interview for more on this topic.

3. Pay attention to what you like to do. The best career advice Janet ever heard was that although we may be lucky enough to be able to do many things, in order to find authentic success, we should focus on the intersection of what we like to do with what we’re naturally good at.  This week, set aside 5-10 minutes each morning to reflect and get familiar with the things you truly like to do and would continue to do even if nobody paid you. There is a success you can tap into once you have those answers.  Tune into minute 19:40 of the interview for more on this topic.

4. Say goodbye to mom guilt. For all the moms reading, this one’s for you! Don’t waste any cycles this week on mom guilt or worry, and instead focus on the quality time you can provide your kids when you’re with them.  Tune into minute 22:00 of the interview for more on this topic.

To listen to the full interview with Janet, and here some more amazing tips, click here. And to connect with an amazing group of women defining their success with peach, learn more about becoming a peach Personal Stylist!  Women around the nation are building a peach business that fits into the context of their life. Whether you’re a mom who wants a flexible work schedule, or a working woman with a drive to start a side business , the peach opportunity could be your first step to success.

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