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Peach Stylist and elementary school teacher, Lauren O’Malley.

We created the Peach Stylist Opportunity to empower women to start their own fashion businesses, enjoy a career that’s creative and flexible, and allow them to earn meaningful income. It’s designed to fit each and every individual’s lifestyle and allows them to work anywhere and anytime that’s convenient for them. As a result, a day in the life of one Peach stylist can look VERY different from another’s- but that’s the beauty of it! We’re highlighting some of these incredible women in our stylist community by asking them to share what 24 hours as a Peach stylist looks like for them.


Meet Lauren O’Malley. As a teacher of elementary intervention, she is extremely passionate about providing extra, personalized assistance to kids from kindergarten to fifth grade. After fifteen years of helping kids reach their full potential, Lauren was looking for something new that would push her outside of her comfort zone; without pushing her out of education. Drawn in by the flexibility and sense of community of Peach’s Stylist Opportunity, she decided that that “something new” was going to be building her own fashion business with Peach!


Since then, she’s enjoyed the flexibility of working anywhere, anytime. This new venture fits seamlessly around her career as a teacher and role as mom to two little boys. In addition, the personal and professional training provided to Peach stylists has allowed Lauren to grow in all aspects of her life. She is able to utilize these new skills to build a successful business and apply them to her work as teacher. So far, she has used them to establish herself as a leader within the school system and improve communication, as well as building more trusting relationships with the parents of her students.


For Lauren, Peach is not just a means of earning extra income. Peach is truly a community. From the corporate team to her fellow stylists, she feels constantly supported, encouraged and challenged to grow personally and professionally. This inspires a new drive she had been missing!


This is what a typical day as an elementary school teacher and Peach Stylist looks like for her:


5:45 AM

“I have two boys so once I wake up, I’m in full-on Mom mode. Colton is 7 years old and Tucker, who we like to call Tuck, is 5 years old. My goal is to get them up and dressed, so I can have them eating breakfast while I start packing school lunches. If I have a minute in between the craziness, I like to hop on social media and email to get a quick temperature check about what’s going on at Peach and in my Peach business. This allows me to see if there’s anything important that needs to be addressed, so I can plan for the rest of my day.”


7:00 AM

“Despite being a teacher myself, none of my kids attend the school that I work at. As a result, morning drop-offs can be quite the journey! First stop is dropping Colton off at his elementary school, and then Tuck heads off to his nursery school. After that, I’m on route to the elementary school where I teach.”


9:00 AM

“This marks the start of the school day, so there is no time to work on my Peach business until the students are dismissed. However, I do like to introduce Peach to people in subtle ways, so my work wardrobe always consists of pieces from the collection. Some of my favorite work styles include the Pima Tees, the Ponte Slit Crop Pant, and the Flyaway Cardigan. Cute, comfortable and casual styles are something teachers are drawn to, so conversations about them happen naturally. It never feels like I’m forcing anything because I truly LOVE the clothes, and it definitely shows!”


4:30 PM

“I’m finally back at home with the kids, so now it’s time to start their homework (and mine). It’s nice because we can all sit and spend time together, but I’ll also have the chance to knock out some work to-dos; including everything from lesson plans, to school related emails, and grading.”


5:00 PM

“If it’s a night where my kids have sports, we’ll try to squeeze in a quick dinner together before heading out the door. However, on occasion my husband, Matt, and I will plan to eat a separate dinner once we get home. This is our way of carving out some time together amid our crazy schedules.”


5:30 PM

“The boys play soccer, baseball and lacrosse; so right after dinner, we’re headed to either a practice or a game. Since I teach barre two nights a week, on those nights my husband is in charge of sports. Otherwise, I’m typically right there with him.”


6:00 PM

“I teach at two different studios during the week. No matter where I’m teaching, I’m always wearing Peach. Some of the styles I constantly have on rotation are the Reversible Capris, Trinidad Tank, and Strappy Sports Bra. As the instructor, clients are definitely interested in what I choose to wear, so I always want to create an environment where they feel comfortable asking. It they show interest in a certain product, I might bring a sample to the following class so that they can check it out in-person, or I’ll simply send them a link to the product via email. I also make sure these studios always have lookbooks and my business cards. This is a great way for me to share the brand with the studio’s clients who don’t have the chance to attend my classes- and I’ve gotten several new clients this way! They’ll take a look at the collection and email me about placing an order, even though we’ve never met. It’s been a great way to start building new relationships.”


7:15 PM

“We designate the forty-five minutes before bed to be everyone’s screen time. This gives the boys a chance to watch a little TV or play some video games, and wind down before bed. It’s also my chance to invest a little time into my Peach business. Typically, I’ll reserve Tuesdays entirely for Peach since I don’t work on these days, but I like chip away at things during this time; whether it’s posting to social media or catching up on emails. Something I’ve found a lot of success with has been sending cold call emails to local studios or organizations hosting events. I’ve created these templated emails describing how I can add value to them by either hosting a Peach gathering or incorporating one into their upcoming event- I’ve been getting a great response and it’s allowed me to really expand my network!”


8:00 PM

“This is the kid’s bedtime. I’ll make sure they get into their nightly routines and once they’re settled, I’m working on getting into bed myself! Since I have two different stops before I get to work each morning, it’s important that everyone gets to bed on time so we can avoid running late. Plus, if I wake up refreshed and ready to go, I can usually score a few more minutes to myself so I can check-in on my Peach business in the morning! I’m looking forward to summer break though, when I’ll have a lot more time to devote to growing it. If you’re a teacher, it really is the perfect time to consider becoming a Stylist. The opportunity is extremely flexible and you’ll be able to use the time off to really get established, build a client base and bring other women onto your team. Plus, the new summer collection is amazing and new arrivals are always a great way to introduce people to the brand! By the time the school year starts up again, you’ll already have a natural cadence; and then the holiday season will be right around the corner to get your clients in a shopping mindset!”


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